JadooTv: Your online TV

JadooTV – Your gateway to the world of entertainment!

No Computer, No Satellite, No cable TV needed!

This is Magic: You just need a TV & Internet.

With JadooTV:

  • Watch all of your favorite TV channels from all across the world, no matter which city, state, country or continent you stay! Name it and you’ll get it, any channel, serial, episode or reality TV show!
  • Access almost every famous internet website on your TV with an option to search within websites… Wow!!
  • Upload your pictures, videos & music from TV to internet instantly… No computer required! Share with all your near & dears… a cool way to keep in touch!
  • Watch & download millions of video clips, songs & movies (regional, national & international included).
  • Watch & enjoy the world of sports like Cricket, Badminton, Hockey, Tennis… All LIVE.
  • News from around the world is at your finger-tips with JadooTV in your hand.

JadooTV is all about ‘Watch, download ‘n’ Share’ with the World…

…all for FREE!!


JadooBox places movies and TV episodes from Hollywood to Bollywood all at your finger tips! Watch hundreds of Live Television channels from India, Pakistan, USA, UK, Arab, Sweden, Spain, etc… Name a drama, reality show, daily soap or serial from any channel across the world and you’ll have it. Watch it directly on your own TV for FREE – No Satellite, NO Cable, NO PC required.

JadooBox not only connect you to hundreds of free internet TV channels – it also continuously adds new channels on user demand! Where’s your wish list?


Watch 150 million & more videos from YouTube, vtap, veoh and many more online websites directly on your TV using remote control … for FREE – No Satellite, NO Cable, NO PC required. With internet connected you have the option to search as well.

Watch ‘YouTube on TV’


Watch every happening Live sports events like Soccer, Cricket, Tennis and everything directly on your TV, no matter which state, country, or continent they’re played in … for FREE – No Satellite, NO Cable, NO PC required.


Watch hundreds of movies… regional, national and international, free desi movies online – everything included.  You also get classics, documentaries, TV series, independent features, special-interest titles, educational & Free Desi videos & much much more! – … for FREE – No Satellite, NO Cable, NO PC required.


JadooBox helps post your own personal digital media on the internet within seconds … Wow! Share everything with your friends online from TV itself, may it be… your music, photographs, and your videos (from your PC or from any Network attached storage or USB device) instantly… Incredible, isn’t it?

Accessible Popular Websites:

Watch videos directly from a collection of popular websites by categories: News, Music, Sports, Special Interests etc. With internet connected you also have the option to search for your favorite stuff on the World Wide Web… wonderful!

JadooTV is magic: We use the latest technologies and bring you the benefits and convenience of watching your favorite channels on TV. JadooTV requires only an internet – No PC, Satellite or Cable connection is required.

You can now easily maneuver the channels with your remote control and watch your favorite online TV channel or go to YouTube and search for your favorite video and hit play. JadooTV puts the fun of watching TV back in your hands. You can watch the latest news, shows, movies, sports, and much more.

Connecting JadooTV is so simple!

Just connect the broadband internet connection wired or wireless to your JadooTV box and connect the JadooTV box video and audio output to TV and power the box. That’s all!!

Get JadooTV Now!

Order from our jadoostore or contact our JadooResellers.

‘JadooTV makes your TV an Internet TV’

Become a Reseller: JadooTV provides its users with exciting options for entertainment and our customer base is expanding at a fast pace. You can help us grow more while earning decently along the way by becoming a reseller. Contact us now @ http://jadootv.com/contact

Jadoo Support

At JadooTV we strive to keep our customers happy and completely satisfied by providing them various support options. Inquiries and questions are answered in the timeliest manner by our experienced and knowledgeable support engineers. We provide various communication methods for our clients that suit their individual needs.

Check/download Quick Setup Guide to get the information about connecting JadooBox to the TV or Download our User Manual @ to get the detailed information about using jadooBox.

Video Guide is best for clear information – Watch it now!

Have more questions? Find answers to all of them here: http://www.jadootv.com/faqsnew

Ask us directly by filling up our support form now Or email your questions @ support@jadootv.com

Call our technical team at:   510-402-4982 (US);  +44 (0) 203-371-8688 (UK)

To connect with us.

















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