Jadootv-Watch Desi Tv Channels, Movies, everything FREE

Another useful JadooTV feature is the ability to access all your videos, music and photos on your PCs over your home network. It could also be from Networked Attached Storage device, or even on a connected USB storage device. I did not realize that Microsoft Media Player can also act as a video server. It was quite easy to configure Media Player 11 on my XP based PC, to share its content on the local network. You do need to make sure that the firewall is not blocking external access. The Media Player senses your JadooTV and asks you if you want to share content with it. The nice thing is that you can not only watch videos but also collectively watch your photo albums with music streaming in the background. JadooTV automatically senses the resolution of your TV and scales the photos appropriately.

QWERTY Remote:

The standard TV appliance user interface of a remote starts to suffer when it comes to internet browsing; the need to enter alphanumeric information frequently led to the design of a Qwerty remote. A blackberry like remote with a full QWERTY keyboard will provide the enhanced user interface while remaining sufficiently like the standard tv remote.

NO monthly charges for Jadootv – Pay once and enjoy for ever.

Global Focus:

JadooTV gets better by regular software and portal improvements that continuously keep on increasing the value proposition of using it. JadooTV’s development teams are spread around the world. Hardware is designed in Taiwan and manufactured in China. Software is being developed in Pakistan and India. Aggregation is done all around the world. JadooTV is the unquestioned number one provider of this disruptive technology. They have chosen to first focus on providing the many Diasporas living around the world with live content from their homelands.

This is wonderful, isn’t it – Go, get it now @ https://jadootv.com/shop.php

Email: sales@jadootv.com | support@jadootv.com

Phone numbers: USA     :           +1-510-402-4982 | UK       :           +44 (0) 203-371-8688


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