The JadooTV experience is what users have always wanted but never had before

JadooTV puts the fun of watching TV back in your hands…

Its’ Magic
We use the latest technologies that take advantage of the advance digital video compression as well as broadband internet and bring you the benefits and convenience of watching your favorite content on your TV. JadooTV requires only broadband internet connection – No PC, No Satellite and No Cable connection required…

Your TV is now an online TV / Web TV
Get Afghani Live TV, Turkish TV, all Indian and Pakistani TV dramas (on channels like Bengali TV, Etv Urdu, Zoom, NDTV Imagine and countless others), Hindi (Bollywood) Movies, Arabic TV channels, Muslim Television Ahmadiyya (MTA), ATT Uverse (Att U-verse), Pakistani TV channels which air your favorite Pakistani Dramas.

All Desi Content
Desi Free movies, all Desi TV channels for Free, Desi Music videos, Desi Torrents, all  on your home TV – Now your TV can be your Digital Media Player.

‘No Satellite Needed!’
Watch live Cricket, Live Soccer, All Sports- national and international on your very own TV with NO Extra Charges!

The JadooTV experience is what users have always wanted but never had before:
It’s integrated, so everything important to the user is connected and searchable on a single screen, from Videos to personal content. Watch Live TV Channels (Sports including Cricket Matches & Soccer Games, Dramas, Food Recipes, Talk Shows, International News & much more from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan & many more countries all over the world.
You can easily surf between channels and Web sites for a completely new way of using television, instead of just watching it.

JadooTV will let the user:

Search online and personal content and connect to social networks while watching favorite programs or movies by using Browser with a unique new Qwerty Remote.

Watch YouTube™ videos on TV by categories. Search for videos (music videos/clips/cartoons & much more) with the powerful built-in video search engine. Listen to live Internet Radio from India / Pakistan and many other Countries. Access to Personal Media such as video, music, and photos from the home network – stored on a PC, Networked Attached Storage device, or even on a connected USB storage device. Watch exciting video content from Hulu™, Netflix™, AmazonUnbox™, CNN™, ESPN™ by downloading PlayOn™ from Media Mall™. NEW! Compact size and easy to install.

The jadooBox can be connected to any TV in a matter of few minutes. Support for wired or wireless connectivity.


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